Case Study

Sayliyah Military Camp, Qatar Mechanical Works

09th May 2016 - 2 years ago

Client: Al Maher Construction Services Co

Project: Mechanical Works

Main Contractor: SEE Plc

Location: Sayliyah Military Camp, Doha, Qatar

Value: £230,000

Contract Start: October 2015

Contract End: April 2016

We were selected by Al Maher Construction Service to undertake mechanical works at the Parachute Wing of Sayliyah Military Camp just outside Doha in Qatar.

SEE were responsible for all transportation, shipping and logistics as all of the equipment installed on this project was manufactured / prefabricated in the UK. All design and CAD work associated with this project was carried out using our in house design and CAD team.

This project was delivered using both in house directly employed staff and specialist subcontract labour. The scope of works for this project included:


The design, supply, installation and commissioning of a parachute drying tower ventilation system, comprising of a packaged Air Handling Unit, complete with sand filters, panel filters, electric heater battery, inverter driven plug fan section and associated controls. This unit is connected to a series of internal floor ducts and floor grilles via external galvanised sheet metal ductwork to introduce supply air within the tower at low level. There are also 4no wall mounted extract fans at the top of the tower which are inverter controlled to increase or reduce the air volume at the same rate as the main supply Air Handling Unit.

Winch System:

The design, supply, installation and commissioning of 6no wall mounted winches, connected to a series of pulleys, cables, shackles and steel beams which are used to hang up to 36no parachutes. These parachutes can then be raised within the tower to either be shaken free of any sand / debris or dried if they have been washed.


The design, supply, installation and commissioning of fully automated controls system to operate both the ventilation system and winches including BMS control panel, all field wiring and sensors.