SER Renewable Energy

  • Formed in 1981 strategically formed to deliver renewable and sustainable energy solutions to enable clients to reduce their carbon footprint and ultimately reducing energy costs. 

    SEE Renewable Energy Solutions (SER) is dedicated to reducing climate change and carbon emissions. SER act proactively in this and develop a full range of renewable energy services to clients across the UK.

    We work collaboratively with our clients to develop the best energy solution suited to them. A turnkey solution can be provided through our dedicated professional engineering team, including design, project management and commissioning for a wide range of renewal energy solutions, a selection of example solutions we have experience in are detailed below.

  • LED Lighting 

    Lighting accounts for up to 50% of all electrical energy usage in commercial applications. With the changes to building regulations and the need to drive down energy consumption within buildings, it is essential that alternative methods are considered. Replacing existing lighting to LED light fittings can achieve up to 65% reduction in lighting consumption. 

    Businesses are facing more challenges to reduce their energy consumption and this is a simple and effective solution to contribute to the reduction.


    Optimisation Electricity is supplied by the national grid in the UK at around 242 volts single phase but the majority of electrical equipment is perfectly capable of running a supply of 220 volts. 

    Voltage optimisation is a well established and approved technology used to enable our clients to only pay for what they actually need, contributing to the need for the reduction in energy consumption.

  • Combined heat and power (CHP) 

    CHP is an efficient and clean approach to generating electrical power and useful thermal energy from a single fuel source. CHP generates electricity whilst also capturing useable heat that is produced in the process ensuring no waste. CHP is used either to replace or supplement conventional separate heat and power (SHP). 

    Instead of purchasing electricity from the local utility and burning fuel in an on-site furnace or boiler to produce thermal energy, an industrial or commercial facility can use CHP to provide both energy services in one energy-efficient step.

    CHP has many benefits including:

    • Reducing energy costs
    • Reduces the risk of electric grid disruptions and enhances energy reliability - This is particularly useful for hospitals, research institutions, or industrial facilities where electric power outages are particularly disruptive and costly.
    • Provides predictability in electricity prices.

    Fire and Security 

    SEE are members of the The National Security Inspectorate (NSI), the Fire Industry Association, (FIA) and registered with British Approvals for Fire Equipment. (BAFE). These are recognised as the leading certification body for the security and fire protection industries in the UK.   

    Our Fire and Security team work closely with all divisions to offer design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Fire Detection and Alarm systems. We are able to offer simple manual systems to fully integrated analogue addressable systems to suit the requirements to comply with the relevant regulations.  

    We offer 'open protocol' systems to enable the customer full flexibility when seeking competitive quotations for maintenance.  

    Security systems include Door Entry Systems, CCTV, Access Control and fully integrated systems.  

    We have experience in residential, retail, commercial, industrial, and  car parks environments and have designed and installed systems in major UK airports.

  • Bio Mass Boilers 

    A biomass boiler is a wood fuelled heating system which provides both heating and hot water. This can be for a range of buildings including homes, schools and community centres. These boilers usually burn logs, wood pellets or wood chips to power your central heating system. 

    Each year, approximately 8.5 million tonnes of wood goes into landfill in the UK; this waste wood could be used in either the biomass boilers (if converted into the pellets) or burned in wood burning stoves. This would not only provide heat and hot water, but in doing so, it would also ease the pressure on landfill capacity.

    The conversion from conventional boilers to biomass boilers translates the energy generated from merely sustainable to being renewable energy.

    Photovoltaic Solar Panels (PV) 

    Photovoltaic systems significantly reduces the electricity bills and allows you to take control of ever increasing electricity price rises. Solar PV panels do not require direct sunlight to work and will even work on cloudy days. They use free energy from the sun, emit no pollutants, use no fuel and create no waste which makes solar PV an amazing 'Green' solution therefore reducing your carbon footprint. 

    SER continually develop new energy solutions for our customers, creating resolutions for renewable energy. We also deliver air to air heat recovery, air to water heat pumps, energy monitoring, rain water harvesting, renewable systems, solar heat pumps, solar thermal HWS and wind turbines.