SEE apprentice passes exams and has become an AAT qualified accountant

21st August 2017 - 1 year ago

Raminta Kvietkauskaite joined the SEE accounts team at our Head Office in Hainault, in April 2015 as an AAT apprentice on a 24-month apprenticeship, spending one day a week at College and the rest of the week at SEE full time.

SEE and Raminta worked closely with AAT and we ensured she had the time needed to study as well as ensuring she was on track with all requirements. Raminta was given targets to achieve as well as regular quarterly review meetings with her line manager and training provider, to ensure that all tasks being delivered at work complement their training. These meetings were held in the workplace, to minimise interruption to your business.

Rajesh Patel Head of Finance said 'We are extremely proud of Raminta and all she has achieved, we will continue to support her as she continues to progress in the accounts team.'